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Actual is an app for tracking personal finances with a robust budgeting system that shows you exactly where your money is going. NOTE: PLEASE POST ON REDDIT This spectrum is not used anymore.


Credit card balances count as credit

Hey! Thanks for building this tool—it looks really cool so far. I just downloaded it and added a credit card account, then added my credit card balance. I expected that to count as a debit (and subtract from the amount in my checking to give me a net worth), but instead it just…


No money to budget in the current month 🤔

I entered some money at the end of January into Actual. Distributed the budget among the categories and started to enter my expenses. But now it is February and I have almost no money :D Fun aside. Do I have to manually transfer my money from January to the February budget, or…


'To be budgeted' should be a budget category

I used this all the time in YNAB. If i pay for something for a friend that they're planning on paying me back for, i don't want to take money from my budgeted categories. So I just set the budget category to "To be budgeted," and when they pay me back, I put the money back in…


Moving an account to "Off Budget"

I initially created my saving accounts as "on budget" and now want to move them off budget. I'd prefer not to re-create them, though, I can re-import and re-categorize if necessary. Is there a way to move an on budget account off budget?


Importing from European banks

👋 Acutal community! It's great to see the new api released and already being documented on the website. Since my bank only supports exporting transactions as csv files, I had to enter them by hand until now. Using the api I could write a small script to automate the import.…


Question about cleared / pending transactions

Hello to the Actual community! I just started trying out the app and syncing functions yesterday, and it seems like a wonderful alternative to YNAB4 for me. The only thing I'm hung up on is handling upcoming (uncleared) transactions. The app shows account totals as if all the…


0.0.103 beta available - introduces an API!

Hey all, I'm happy to finally introduce an API to Actual. I'm still working on docs, but for now it's pretty easy to read the code and play with examples. To use it, download and run the beta from here: …


Inline Calculator ?

Am I having a brain fart ? Do we have an Inline Calculator ?


Anyone trying out the API in 0.0.103 beta?

I made a little menu bar app that shows the progress of your spending against the budget over the course of the current month. If you want to try it check out From what I understand, this kind of view will be buildable when the…


Seeing "Subscribe!" in top right of desktop app, but I am subscribed

Unfortunately, I'm not sure if this is due to v0.0.102 but I'm suddenly seeing "Subscribe!" in the top right. I tried entering my code from January but it said it is invalid. Syncing still works between Desktop and iOS so maybe it's just a UI thing?