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New Release - 0.1.0-alpha.47 (2018-12-19)

December 19, 2018 at 9:49pm

New Release - 0.1.0-alpha.47 (2018-12-19)

December 19, 2018 at 9:49pm (Edited 1 year ago)
Bug Fixes
admin: can't add project on all projects view fixes #1855 (a6a4e0f)
admin: project dashboard scrollable window fixes #1852 (3c674fc)
builder: serialize syntax error objects from modules resolver web worker fixes #1861 (da3be8a)
builder: transferring a project to another org causes the project to be lost fixes #1824 (c0d7442)
builder: double click on an image component should open the media manager fixes #1730 (7de9df6)
builder: empty state on canvas fixes #1839 (dbfa6d7)
builder: more component prop widget options fixes #1793 (c963756)
builder: new screenshot method fixes #1827 (bcd6f90)
builder: node libraries support fixes #1858 (df7ffc8)
builder: operations fail and noop handling fixes #1823 (53445b4)
builder: should not allow selection of molecules atoms when parent molecule is locked fixes #1682 (2c3c6e2)
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