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New Releases - 0.1.0-alpha.80-87

March 8, 2019 at 7:27pm

New Releases - 0.1.0-alpha.80-87

March 8, 2019 at 7:27pm (Edited 1 year ago)
0.1.0-alpha.80-87 Bug Fixes
  • builder: missing dependency 'Add dependency' button not working fixes #1896 (cd87634)
0.1.0-alpha.80-87 Bug Fixes
  • builder: update styles icon fixes #1935 (90b76eb) Features
  • admin: add community link to top bar fixes #2210 (da745c7)
  • builder: context menu for drop areas on components hierarchy #2133 (10914a2)
  • builder: project deployments fixes #2175 (91b03aa)
0.1.0-alpha.86 (2019-03-07) Bug Fixes
  • builder: object editor improvements fixes #2079 (86a5736)
  • builder: performance improvements fixes #2175 (bcf9a81)
0.1.0-alpha.84 (2019-03-01) Bug Fixes
  • builder: override detection needed safeguards (1aa419d)
  • builder: tab drag and drop doesn't work if over icon fixes #1620 (f6879a5)
0.1.0-alpha.83 (2019-02-28) Bug Fixes
  • builder: binding tooltip expression type fixes #2187 (3acdb5d)
  • builder: components default children fixes #2007 (2100792)
  • builder: default code for actions/binds/events fixes #1891 (496f023)
  • builder: fonts not loading sometimes fixes #2173 (9897e71)
  • builder: lock icon clipping fixes #1618 (8e3570c)
  • builder: navigation toolbar ui improvements fixes #2132 (b7f1006)
  • builder: session users disappearing fixes #2147 (18c8be3) Features
  • builder: handle media upload failure fixes #2127 (3f1d82a)
  • builder: hierarchy items need tag for when they have css overrides fixes #2129 (881ce23)
0.1.0-alpha.80 (2019-02-26) Bug Fixes
  • admin: add form modal disable create button if no name has been input fixes #1605 (f590d85)
  • admin: confirm delete allows anything if you hit enter on safari fixes #1610 (e215c16)
  • builder: applied rules on safari bug fixes #1616 (f1fb512)
  • builder: border radius can't set percentages fixes #2171 (d575655)
  • builder: breadcrumbs svg line on safari ui bug fixes #1619 (068ebe2)
  • builder: browser pop-up blocking still happening in certain situations fixes #1696 (8d87851)
  • builder: canvas resize handles not working fixes #2139 (19aa5b6)
  • builder: media files handling on export fixes #1578 (db0d5bd)
  • builder: modules prettier fixes #2172 (c66e81d)
  • builder: npm versions listed out of order fixes #2149 (d370810)
  • builder: project dependencies map for multiple same bundles fixes #2145 (626d127)
  • builder: right click context menu requires 'off click' to be on same content document fixes #2125 (6fe5450) Features
  • builder: pass down resolved url from image picker component instead of media id fixes #2082 (87ca2d1)
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