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Studies Over Winter Break

April 24, 2020 at 7:55am

Studies Over Winter Break

April 24, 2020 at 7:55am
Whether you are learning English or another foreign language, regularly studying and practicing material is of the utmost importance. When we do not include English in our daily routines, we can forget it rather quickly. If you dedicate even just minutes to English each day this winter break, you may soon find that your spring semester proceeds more smoothly than you expected.

Review past topics

English classes are designed in a very specific chronological manner. This means that new lessons typically build upon previous concepts. Therefore, it is essential to master one topic before advancing to the next. In English, it is especially important to understand how verb tenses are conjugated and in which contexts they are used. You are likely to encounter this information multiple times.
When your school releases you for winter break, do not discard your materials from the previous quarter or semester. Past exams, write my essay cheap for homework assignments, and notes are excellent study materials when you prepare for finals. As you review these items, pay special attention to the areas in which you struggled. Compile a list of problematic topics and take relevant notes. Then, reread the appropriate sections in your textbook and complete the recommended exercises. If your textbook does not include many exercises to test your knowledge, ask your English teacher for practice worksheets. Instructors often keep extra exercises on hand for such situations.

Write poetry

Writing poetry in English is an entertaining and efficient way to practice your foreign language skills. If you wish to challenge yourself, you may choose to write a poem with a complex structure, such as a sonnet. However, you do not need to write long or complicated poems to benefit from this method - you can also follow a simple format (perhaps the haiku!). Choose a topic you have recently studied in English class - for example, the park, the hospital, vacations, or holidays - and write your poem about that subject. Doing so will prompt you to review the corresponding vocabulary words. Writing poetry will also help you develop your rhyming ability. To practice your pronunciation, read your poems aloud. You can read to yourself or to a small audience of people who understand English. If possible, ask a native speaker to listen to what you have written and to provide you with pronunciation tips.
The average college student receives more than 80 text messages per day, according to Nielson Mobile, an organization that monitors mobile media usage. This is just a fraction of the seven and a half hours young adults now spend consuming media each day, according to a widely reported survey released in January. Pediatricians like Dr. Martin Joffe of Greenbrae, Calif. and psychologists around the country see the popularity of texting as a worrying trend that could have a profound and negative effect on students’ grades.
Previously, the major concerns have come from teachers and linguists, focusing on the potential harm represented by the colloquial “text speak” language used to speed up the process of typing out a text message or instant message. Many have worried that students who have become used to “text speak” would be unable to use proper academic language when writing essays. However, new studies have found more general concerns.

August 23, 2020 at 11:11pm
That is really useful information, I am sure that it will help everybody including me. I was doing almost the same when I was studying as home health aide. I was having a lot of free time because courses were very short and I decided to develop by myself. I started to read a lot of books, I improved my English, I learned French and Spanish. So now, I am very proud of me and I decided to start a blog on this site and to tell everybody about how important is self development in our lives and how it could help you in the future.

November 30, 2020 at 10:14am
I completely agree with you, in terms of the fact that if you devote at least a few minutes to the English language every day, the result will be, perhaps not the same as we would like, but it will be the same with writing, only in this regard I turn to professionals

February 23, 2021 at 1:46pm
Thank you for sharing, really good

February 25, 2021 at 10:39am
Learning is first and foremost about self-development, so I continued to learn even after I went to college and graduated from high school. I took courses on how to become a nurse in order to improve my qualifications. I am well aware that there is a great need for health care workers at this time, so I talked my sister into taking these courses as well, so that I could help those who are not able to handle the workload. She just recently finished her training with and now with her certificate she is going to get a job. So learning is really important.