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Embrace Clarity

A community dedicated to building a decentralised communication device that belongs to humanity.


How to contribute

September 5, 2018 at 1:54pm (Edited 3 years ago)
I am glad you found this page. Thanks for considering to contribute to Embrace Clarity. The project is at concept stage and nothing is solid yet all sorts of contributions are highly welcome.
Clarity needs:
  • Designers
  • Software & Hardware Engineers
  • Blockchain Specialists
  • Decentralised Operations humans who are passionate about creating new ways for humans to collaborate

UI/UX Designers and Thinkers

If you want to contribute with design please follow the guide in Kactus is a bit tricky so make sure you get familiar with it.


If you feel like contributing code you might want to read through the Whitepaper first. The project is in early stage so we need an architecture of the OS.

Product Designers and Hardware Engineers

The renders we currently have are just concepts done in Cinema 4D. We need serious development in this area as well.

Core members

You can see the structure of the organisation
If you wish to Apply as Core Member

Reputation and rewards

Currently we are going to track contribution via Github and when is ready for pub;ic use we are going to use their platform instead.
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