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Is it dead?

September 5, 2018 at 3:13pm
Hey everyone, it's me the human who thought that we can change something for the better of humanity. An year ago I did bunch of renders, screens and a website to promote my vision of a possible future. This project has the power to change so much in our society and shift economies around, a world without Facebook, Google, Apple, Whatsapp, Instagram. A world where content floats around us without belonging to anyone. I still have no clue if we can do it, but we have to try. A week ago the website was published on and brought it back to life. Highly talented people joined our community but the lack of structure is of killing the whole thing. So please if you have the passion and some free time help us get the basics in place. I already started documenting the organisation on Github (will commit later today). If you have any ides how we can make this work please contribute.
Thank you!
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