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Introducing Figma Plus - The Unofficial Plugin System for Figma

May 6, 2019 at 3:24pm
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Introducing Figma Plus - The Unofficial Plugin System for Figma

May 6, 2019 at 3:24pm (Edited 3 years ago)
After months of development, our little team (, and myself) is very excited to announce the launch of Figma Plus, an unofficial plugin platform for Figma.
Figma Plus.jpg


  • One-click installation
  • Works on both Figma desktop apps on Windows and Mac, as well as on Chrome browser
  • Seamless integration with Figma's UI
  • Install & manage your favorite plugins
  • Plugins are auto-updated to the latest version
  • Plugins can be set private to specific Teams or Orgs
  • Developer mode
  • Build plugins easily using our API
With Figma Plus, you can easily discover and install plugins built by the community right inside Figma. As part of our launch, we have built a diverse selection of 11 useful plugins available to use on day one!
If you are a developer who would like to build and share plugins on Figma Plus, we have a complete Developer guide and API Documentation to get you started.


Is Figma Plus in affiliation with Figma?

No. Figma Plus is a community-driven project that is not affiliated with the Figma company.

Is it safe to run Figma Plus?

Security is our top priority in the development of Figma Plus. Our code does not perform any destructive actions on your Figma documents, nor does it contain tracking scripts that expose your private information to third parties. We only collect anonymous data on which plugins are currently installed for statistics purposes. Our code is open source and can be audited on Github.
We also review every plugin and their updates for security threats before approving them to be available on our platform.

What will happen to Figma Plus when Figma's official extensibility support arrives?

We are well aware of the extension platform that Figma is working on, as announced in this article. However we believe both systems can coexist as there will be limitations in the official implementation that only Figma Plus could unlock.
For example, adding custom modifications to the Figma UI would make some plugins more intuitive to use, but such implementation would likely be unsupported by the Figma API. With Figma Plus, you could bypass these limitations and use any web API to build the ideal plugin experience for your users.
If you have any questions, feedback or ideas, feel free to drop us a post in our Spectrum community!

May 20, 2019 at 7:47pm
Well done I;m heavily using it...