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Looking for developer - nextcloud integration (paid)

April 5, 2021 at 11:34pm

Looking for developer - nextcloud integration (paid)

April 5, 2021 at 11:34pm
hi! for a film production workflow I need to use and nextcloud, and to make it usable it must be integrated with nextcloud. there are many plans for a constant use, and i am looking for a developer that can make that possible. we can pay via invoice. The programmer should have a dedicated interest in finishing the programming code over time for a fully working and tested environment. the company is located in berlin/munich/hamburg, germany. greetings, henrik

April 5, 2021 at 11:40pm
Hey there , I just pinged someone who might want to tackle this. I am familiar with NextCloud and used to run an instance myself, however - it would be good to know a little more about how you'd want the connection to work with NextCloud. For example, are you trying to push assets from NextCloud ->, or the other way around? Are you trying to sync comments, etc?
hey jeff! thank you for your interest!! i am not really sure how the detailed workflow will be good and efficient, but: the main goal is to keep nextcloud the master cloud workspace for all working and checking/watching-only project members, meaning that all project data shall be collected there. And I want to use to synchronize local folders+server and Upload large files. the comment-tools from shall be used for reviewing and collecting feedback. but the sending out of mails with links should be done from nextcloud. because all mail-addresses and names should be on the main project system, so every member gets a login to nextcloud, and all is then opened from there.
my goal is to create a new subdomain at the client's webserver for every project, so maybe and link the nextcloud in a way that the client's domain is as dominant as possible
and actual the nextcloud is located on a different server
SYNC COMMENTS, that would be great. there really could be some of nice and easy to program functions. it's hard to overview and plan, without knowing how the programming process could work out. so it might take some few weeks, but in the first place i want to find someone that likes to build up a new project idea, and stay on it for a while
oh, and i have very experienced software developers, that are hosting the nextcloud and the hardware servers. but they hardly have time for programming
so there should be good connecting on the nextcloud side
one idea, maybe its an easier way to file-syncronize the filespace with the nextcloud filespace on the server-speed level, before the nextcloud links can be sent out. the nextcloud server has 1Gbit up/download safe. it's not so nice and likely to make trouble (it' always a huge time pressure on sending out links. it must always be sent out as quickly as possible) , but worth a try. so the sent-out links don't need to show on non-parent servers.

April 6, 2021 at 6:03pm
Hi (henriknet2), sounds very interesting and I would love to hear more. I've developed a sync client for and also helped with the official SDK. Send me an email at [email protected] and we can setup a call to talk about it.
(henriknet2), Max is the person I reached out to last night! I'm happy to help out with answering any questions along the way, but I don't have any bandwidth to work on this project myself.
HI Max! that sounds great!! i will do, at the end of the week! cheers!

April 7, 2021 at 11:14pm
hi jeff! thanks for connecting! do you want do stay in cc while the project is ongoing?