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📣 This community is no longer actively monitored, in favor of Discord

Hey everyone 👋 In efforts to centralize our community, we won’t be monitoring Spectrum anymore. We will instead move to Discord, where we’re happy to welcome you from now on. Many other Framer users and Framer staff also hang out in Discord and chat, so come say hi and share…


Can you create a fully functional React app with Framer X?

I'm new to React and I will be started a new project to learn. Framer X just released Framer Bridge which allows you to have one repo and make updates to it as you add new features to your product. My question is, can you create a React app that will deploy all within Framer X?…


How can I post data in to Airtable using the input fields in framer


Framer X's advantages for a non-coder?

(I'm sure this question has been asked before but search didn't turn up anything) From what I have heard and seen of Framer my impression is, that it's basically limitless. You can create prototypes, that are hardly distinguishable from the real deal. Perfect for getting a real…


How to convert data from airtable before it rendered in the component?

I have a list of users in airtable. User table contains some data, but some of the fields should be formatted before it rendered in ui. For example I have date in ISO format like 01-01-2021, but I want to display date as 1 of January 2021. I have connected Data Component to UI…


How to create a text input screen with default state being focus state.

Hi everyone. I am new to this. I want to create a mobile screen with one Text Input and also I want its default state to be clicked state(Focused state), where the keyboard in activated by default. Please help


Filtering a list

Hi, is it possible to filter a list in framer x? For example, you have a list of items on a results page that all have filterable data fields, then say select a filter button which pops open a filter menu, then be able to toggle different fields such as dates, times, prices etc…


Framer web with Material UI

Hi everyone. I am trying to use material ui package in a project on Framer web. I have been several problems, one of them is that I can't change text size properties for the Text Field component. The actual size is too small. How can I change that?


Slider exit variations bug

So I managed to get Framer Motion to work on my slider (except for the dots slide transitions) with a transition effect of coming/leaving from/to left/right, depending on what button is clicked. But there's a small bug in it: if I continue in one direction it works as expected,…


Stack Size

Hey! How do I make the Stack size to be defined by the elements inside? For example, I have a Stack, with a list....if I duplicate the elements of this list, they get hidden cause the Stack size does not grow....


performance problems with console.log and output html nodes

If I log the html-node everthing in framer gets really sloooooooow, does anyone else have the same experience with loging html-nodes?