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October 30, 2020 at 9:13am


October 30, 2020 at 9:13am
Hello everyone! My name is Dave Mitten.
I am an experienced React/Gatsby/Java(spring+thymeleaf)/JAMStack/Shopify Developer, I’ve worked with various companies and agencies, startups to large corps. I love working with all people and trying any challenge.
I used/can use/am learning the following technologies, libraries and frameworks:
  • JavaScript/ES6/Java
  • React/Spring/Thymeleaf/Spring/Gatsby/
  • Contentful/Wordpress(as headless CMS)
  • Next.js (currently using and learning)
  • Redux
  • Rest APIs/GraphQL(learning)
  • HTML5/CSS3/Bootstrap/Tailwind/Bulma/PostCSS/SASS
  • Git/Github/Bitbucket etc
  • Mapbox/
Have a look at my github(needs a clean up, apologies): and my website(currently re-doing the blog and setting up a consultancy):
Let’s chat!
Drop me a dm or email me at [email protected] :slight_smile: Peace!! :D
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