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December 1, 2019 at 6:52pm
i'm interest to build a blog aggregator like this , any one know pre-build theme react or gatsby

December 1, 2019 at 7:04pm
I haven't seen a theme or starter that looks exactly like that, but here's a few that implement that card-style blog list that can start you off close
Novela and justinformentin's starter use Markdown/MDX repo files, while GCN uses Contentful. If you use a content source different from the starter you choose, you'll have to "re-wire" it to source from there. The process is less intensive than it sounds, and less intensive than starting from scratch, but still involves a significant amount of legwork. You'll also have to make that sidebar and add it in if you want it, as well as features like the categorization and that little toaster pop-up I saw on the example you provided.
As it is, it's quite hard to get away with making a Gatsby site without getting down and dirty in the React code. There's plenty of starting points to get you halfway there, but unfortunately not too many that start you right before the finish line unless you happen to be making the exact kind of site somebody's made a good theme or starter for.
I hope this helps! Good luck!
thanks for ur answer