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🛣The Path to a New Program

October 8, 2020 at 5:07pm

🛣The Path to a New Program

October 8, 2020 at 5:07pm
Hi everyone 👋,
Thanks for the patience you had in the last months. The training is by far the biggest perk the program can offer to any student building or growing a community on campus. The education team has dedicated countless hours to curate the content to fit student community leaders' needs in this journey. Unfortunately, during the past months, we have not been able to review your submissions in a timely manner. As some of you know, the program is going through a significant rework. The idea behind these changes is to improve the application process, particularly the time it takes to review training submissions. In a not very distant future, we look forward to significantly reducing the time a student spends waiting for a submission review and, overall, in the training process.

To get there, we are making the following changes:

The first step we are taking is to close new requests for reviews (Airtable form) and start to archive inactive/withdrawn training repositories. If your training gets archived and you would like to keep working on it, send me a DM and I can unarchive it but it won't be reviewed. Those who have submitted a request for review through the submission form will be reviewed. We will be going through one last cycle of reviews. In this cycle, we will be more flexible to accept submissions while speeding up the review time. This Spectrum forum will be shut down on October 23rd. You will be able to reach for questions about reviews by submitting a ticket in the GitHub Education support form

What does this mean for my in-progress training?

As a result of this process, those training submissions that have already submitted a request for review and achieved the minimum requirements will be moved into screening while the rest might need more work. For those in the second case, we will require you to apply to the new program. By using this link, you will get prioritized reviews when the applications open. Keep your training; sections of the old training will be reutilized in the new training.

October 8, 2020 at 5:15pm
How do we get to know whether our submission meets the basic requirements or if we need to apply again? Is meeting the requirements equivalent to completing all the modules?
Please how do we know if our submission reached the minimum requirement?
I had submitted for review in February, but the link wasn't working then, and now I see that it is archived. Can you please suggest what to do?
We'll let you know in the PR comments. Minimum requirements are the 6 modules with a well thought and worked content in each of the modules.
(dakshika) I don't think meeting the minimum requirements will be equivalent to completing all modules since it is clearly mentioned that "submissions that have submitted a request for review" which means completed the modules and made the PR.
I'll unarchive your PR :)
Am I to use the link?
Your submission is in the queue :+1:
My submission was checked on August and I was asked to make few changes. I have made the necessary changes and opened the pull request and I was told not to open new PR. Shall I still follow the same or open new PR ?
Your PR is being tracked you will be able to get one more review.
Does that make my submission valid?
We need to review it.
Thanks! That solves my query :)
hello (juanpa) Sir I had submitted for review in March since then there is no update on the same ?? please Help !!
I'll get to it soon.
(juanpa) my pull request got closed with a comment saying it needs more work.
Should I work on my submission and create another pull request?
Hey Caleb, you can make the fixes and reopen. Will get you in the last cycle
Thank you, I'd start doing that right away. But can you please point me to the exact file(s) that needs modifications, so I don't end up wasting time. Thank you ✌️
Hi (juanpa) ! My submission was checked in July and I was asked to make some changes. I made the necessary changes and opened the pull request. I have been waiting for review since July. I hope my submission is in the queue and it will meet basic requirements :)
Thank you!
Hi (juanpa) , Amazing rework to the program but confused about my work! I have completed all the modules, made a pull request probably 27 days before and also submitted the airtable form! Wanted to know what's the status? Am I in the queue? Can I get the status for the same? Thanks!
We have your submission in the queue
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