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[Important] New events in the house. Get on board the hype train ^^

June 6, 2019 at 11:56am

[Important] New events in the house. Get on board the hype train ^^

June 6, 2019 at 11:56am (Edited 3 years ago)
Guys, as it was said in the JavaScriptures of old, we have some events coming up. Please take the time to share your opinion on these, and get involved so we can stand a chance of putting them together :)
=== === === I. trivia.iasi.js -- Good old quiz night / quiz night / pub quiz / whatever you want to call it.
=== [*] Time : End of June / Start of July [*] Location : comfy atmosphere -- ideally a hosting Company (within a bar or public location, it's trickier). [*] Duration : 2-3 hours (1-2 hours of quzing / etc) + at least 1 hour of socialism [*] Particiants : 20-30-ish (really no idea atm) -- all levels of seniority [*] Topic : Tricky Interview Questions -- for Juniors -- vanilla JS (no frameworks / libraries) [*] Costs : if the location is free, all we need are some beers on the house || something similar [*] Prizes: undefined, but basically something symbolical / even a hall of fame post (if we set something up in this sense)
The idea is for it to be inviting and accommodating for all levels of devs,and to use it as an entry point to get new people acquainted with IasiJS and the future projects.
The [topic] creates a somewhat even playing field for all levels of devs, while allowing for some nice [chaos factor] that would make everything enjoyable.
Should make for a fun night, and we can create a little atmosphere and visibility, for moving forward.
=== Need to do : (pls pick from 1-4 if you could take care of said task) [0] Discuss all of the above [1] Define an actual date for the event [2] Get a location [3] See about 'sponsorship' for the 'beers on the house' [4] Create a basic design - we need at least ~2-3 weeks of promo to get the word out
=== === === II. js perf battle Same as above, only a month apart (end of July - start of Aug), and with a slightly different [topic]. As we define the params for the trivia, we could adapt them for the perf-battle also.
=== === === III. Portofolio Reviews Again, one month apart (end of Aug - start of Sept). Wee would use the other events to pitch the idea and get feedback. Not important atm, but it ad to be mentioned.
=== === === As a side note: these events will not interfere with the rest of the meetups/presentations. This is a 'secondary track' in which we aim to have more informal interactions between the members, while still keeping the JS-theme alive. If done half-decently, this will greatly help with appeal and engagement, and will help get new people on board.

June 6, 2019 at 12:01pm
I'm well aware of the post from a few days ago, regarding the Portofolio Reviews. But after a chat with Vlad, we figured out that it would require some more time to set up, and we could more easily and productively set up other events (such as those mentioned), which would be much more appealing for both old members and new. And we could use them to polish the idea around the Portofolio Reviews, before diving in.
So, for now, these are the ones to focus on, at least on the 'Socialism' Side :)