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Let's do something cool and grow the community :)

June 3, 2019 at 3:52pm

Let's do something cool and grow the community :)

June 3, 2019 at 3:52pm (Edited 2 years ago)
Guys, if the idea of growing the community was appealing to all, what would you say to a simple event, that would invite all levels of devs, and would take little prep effort? The ideas seemed appreciated at the beer talks.
=== === === Let's make an 'Portofolio Review' for juniors, just like the Design Community does. Here's how I imagine it would be:
=== [*] Focus on code/app review -- just for juniors atm, employed or not, doesn't matter.
=== [*] 2-3 hours, any day of the week, whenever is best. [*] Any company that would have us, and that could accommodate around 15-25-ish people
=== [*] 4 weeks to promote it -- give time for people to get invested, and for juniors to polish their code [*] People would submit their portofolio [a few days - one week] ahead of time and would mention what technologies are used / most interested in
=== [*] 5 min presentations -- 3mins present + 2min questions from the audience [*] 1 hour of code review -- each dev picks a junior to help out, and chats a few, moves on [*] 15 min wrap up -- with common questions/issues [*] 30-60min -- network, tech talks, random casual stuff
=== [*] All portofolios can later be submitted to github for future online talks around them [*] Juniors can help each other out, as some might know the answers that other juniors seek.
=== === === I think it could be implemented even as early as 6 weeks from now, with little hassle. Would encourage all range of devs to get involved, and it would provide nice value.
This would also be a nice foundation of impactful engagement, to later implement other more-social-oriented ideas, that would create a more cozy atmosphere. This would also be a nice place to create engagement for the upcoming conference.
I'm more than willing to be the water boy for this one, and go 'push wagons' where needed. Would you be up for it? :)

June 3, 2019 at 3:59pm
You could plan this for your July Meeting of IasiJS and offer a prize of a free ticket to the Event in Oct/Nov. thereby getting free press for that event too. If you want i have hosting space, i can setup subdomains and can ftp users to their own space. Perhaps another idea would be for each user to setup their own CV/Resume on it, with examples of what they can do. Only original work accepted