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Profitability model for Invision Studio

November 8, 2017 at 8:39pm

Profitability model for Invision Studio

November 8, 2017 at 8:39pm
I saw this interesting tweet by Stephen Olmstead:
Happy to be totally transparent on our profitability model here, want to jump on a call? (easier than tweet)
From the parent tweet, it seems like it's free for basically all users. Now I'm curious too though, and since I don't think it scales to have calls with everybody who's curious about the pricing:
What is the profitability model for Invision Studio? What were the thoughts behind offering something this great for free to everybody?

November 8, 2017 at 8:40pm
From what I read their collaboration suite will still be a monthly charge.
So it seems that Studio is essentially an open door into their paid features
"You can create a design or animate a prototype, but want to share it with others? Need to collaborate via Freehand? Sign up for a plan with Invision."
I could be wrong but this seems to be the direction their heading in
Interested to see if Stephen can jump in and clarify
That makes a lot of sense, actually. Why restrict features if they might convert somebody to pay you eventually
So it's not actually free for teams then though
Not that I know of.
I just pinged Stephen though to see if he can clarify
Alright looks like Stephen will respond here in a few hours.
Excited to hear what he has to say! :)

November 9, 2017 at 6:23pm
Hey peeps- apologies for the delay, meant to jump in here quicker. Getting back into the swing of things here after getting back in AZ from our event. :)
Okay so pricing model logic and such. I think for the most part folks are deducing accurately above. But let me put it my own words here to see if its helpful and can shed some light on the ‘why’ of our approach:
Our monetization model is based on the core InVision collaboration platform. Free for Studio is possible because these existing collaboration features are where we make our $$$ (to give you an idea we have 75%+ of the fortune 500 companies using InVision enterprise accounts… thats a lot of people collaborating). The benefit of this setup is it allows us to make the Studio tool accessible to everyone while also naturally baking in incentive for users to pay for an InVision plan if they want to be able to collaborate, add comments, share links, etc. with a broader team or set of stakeholders.
So regardless of who you are, there's no barrier to getting started; you download it for free, there’s no individual/group licensing, etc. Use it free in its entirety locally (including all visual tools, motion tools, prototyping, responsive, etc basically anything contained in native app). If you want to start collaborating with a larger team/stakeholders with comments, sharing links, sharing systems with one another, etc thats when a paid account comes into play via InVision plan.
The logic here as a business is that we make money when you work with more stakeholders, when the team grows, when you join a larger team as an individual, or enter the workforce as student turned professional, etc. Thus collaboration features act as a natural on-ramp to becoming a paying customer in most every situation. We believe this is the fairest path to creating some very powerful multi-wins here: it makes it insanely easy to get started with little risk to the user, the ‘upsell’ point around collaboration is a natural one (and at a point where you’re already likely making money from the tool or part of a team that is investing in and can afford to support tools like this), its not forced, we believe it works at scale well, and there is the added benefit of providing a host of folks with access to a premium screen design tool that didn’t have it before.
Essentially this: our model is such that it scales with the life cycle of the designer while supporting our financial business model at scale. Much more to come here but hope my 2 cents helps provide some clarity in the meantime! :)
This is perfect!
Thanks Stephen for clarifying.
Really appreciate the transparency here
Makes total sense, thanks for chiming in!
thanks stephen!
Hi Stephen, currently you can create 1 prototype on the free plan. Will the only way of getting more than 1 prototype out of Studio mean signing up to a paid plan?
Mark- you'll be able to create as many documents and linked prototypes and files as your heart desires locally- there's no restriction on that at all. I think you are alluding to how this will work on existing InVision web platform when collaborating with teams and/or stakeholders though where the output is pushed as sharelinks for commenting. Stay tuned on that, we'll be dropping more info as we get closer to launch. Its a good question and one we've thought a lot about. I suspect you'll like the approach we've settled on. :)
I think this is an amazing model. I work with a lot of young designers and their main contention between tools is the pricing.
Being free, I'm sure InVision is looking at getting into the life cycle, as mentioned above, sooner. Allowing young designers to get started for free makes the transition cost much higher. If you think about how much it took to move away from a tool like PS to Sketch, you'll understand that pain.

July 10, 2019 at 10:26am
Regarding model and for anybody who comes across this. It works great till you hit 5 members. After that.. well you are now officially an Enterprise. What does that mean: you will have to commit to a minimum number of seats (usually that number is 10). You will pay yearly and up front now (starts at around 2500 dollars). They will migrate you to a new platform and automatically make everybody you ever shared anything with a member of your organisation (65 in our case). You now have to basically unshare your prototypes with 55 people, which will cause a lot of awkward emails. You now can't easily share with people but have to start relying on Public Share Links, which don't offer Inspect or easy commenting.
So no, your model is not great. Its great from 1-5 and maybe for something like 20+. But in between that its terrible.
I'll start a new thread for this topic, as its only partly related to InVision Studio

November 13, 2019 at 10:23pm
We have a very talented Staff Designer working with a team to drastically improve the pricing model, tiers, and member organization. As you can imagine, this is a challenging design and business problem to solve, and we’ll be making this much, much better.

November 20, 2019 at 12:43pm
That sounds good. But has nobody ever drawn all the plans next to each other and seen that there is a gap between a "team" of 5 and an "enterprise" of 10 and wondered, "What happens if you are a team of 7"? I think that should be pretty clear for pretty much everyone. Also can you please point me to an Enterprise with 10 employees or stakeholders?
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