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Lots of possible funding sources

Lots of possible funding sources

moonshot / crowdfund · May 29, 2018 at 5:42am (Edited 9 months ago)
KickstarterI think a Kickstarter would be fairly straightforward. I was planning to do this with Lith Labs (similar idea I worked on last summer). At the time, I was also planning to use the solar eclipse to drive attention toward the Kickstarter but that ship has sailed unless we wait around for the 2024 total solar eclipse. I have a fairly refined list of successful space-based Kickstarters if we need it

Dedicated crowdfunding campaign – similar to a Kickstarter but independent. For example the Freedom Sculpture was a huge success. It raised money independently and even received a donation from Elon Musk. Freedom Sculpture's campaign was organized by a crowdfunding agency called Arora Project

Portion goes to launch provider – we could strike a deal with our launch provider that they launch our payload for free or a discount and in return, they receive a portion of all funds donated to the moon. This not only gives them potentially huge returns but a lot of publicity

Investors – similar to above, investors could be promised a portion of the proceeds in order to acquire seed funding. We could appeal to investors in the space and crypto industries. I have a fairly comprehensive list of investors from both industries if we need it

Sponsors – it is possible that a company would want to sponsor this for the PR value. Red Bull, Virgin, and maybe Oracle are the first that come to my mind

ICO – many companies (even illegitimate ones) are raising millions of dollars through initial coin offerings and often times all they have is a website and a whitepaper. Usually there's something to gain from owning the coins/tokens so ours would probably need a purpose. Off the top of my head, I'd think that we could either 1) tie each token to a specific land plot on the moon, marketing it as the foundation for lunar realty once we begin to colonize the moon or 2) Guarantee that some percentage (5%?) of the lunar funds will be distributed to token holders once the prize is claimed. That way, the coins are well worth having initially under the assumption that much more will be donated and the ICO will raise some capital to get going, making it much easier to secure other donations

Altruism, philanthropy, and grants – many foundations and individuals would have a strong interest in seeing this project become a reality. Most notably, foundations, grants, and individuals supporting entrepreneurship, space, cryptocurrencies, and existential risk reduction. I have a fairly comprehensive list of organizations and individuals who might donate if we need it

May 29, 2018 at 5:44am

I left out two funding sources intentionally, since they're dependent on a feature I haven't discussed yet. They are, however, very promising possibilities and I will share them soon in a dedicated post

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