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MuSHR is an open-source robotics platform for learning and researching AI with autonomous vehicles.


mushr car jerks while moving

June 11, 2021 at 4:08pm

mushr car jerks while moving

June 11, 2021 at 4:08pm
Everything else is working just fine except that the car jerks when it moves. I'm not able to figure out what's the exact issue. I wanted to ask if anyone has ever dealt with this problem or would have a way to solve it. Thank you very much

June 11, 2021 at 4:12pm
Hi Gaurav, you can see a fix for this issue here:
Also, please note that Spectrum is being shut down in August. As a result, the MuSHR community has moved to GitHub discussions.

June 14, 2021 at 2:47pm
(akkshajs) thanks! It worked.

June 16, 2021 at 4:05pm
Thanks for the solution. It worked for one of my cars but when I did the same thing to another car, it didn't work. The car still jerks while moving. When I ran the command "git pull origin master," it said that it's already up-to-date. I'm not sure what to do. Does it have anything to do with the wiring of vesc and brushless motor? There are 3 wires, is there a particular way to connect them?