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Looks and Attraction

April 9, 2021 at 1:02pm

Looks and Attraction

April 9, 2021 at 1:02pm
This is a question almost every man asks when it comes to attracting women… Do Looks Matter? In other words, what is the importance of physical looks in Attracting Women?

Different Attraction Mechanism

Most of the attraction and dating gurus claim that looks don’t matter for woman. The theory is that men and women have different attraction mechanism. Men are basically attracted to physical looks, especially curvy body: breast and butt. This is biologically connected to the woman’s ability to give birth. In addition, men tend to be more visual than women. They pay attention mainly to what they see. Women, on the other hand, are attracted to strong, powerful, unique and leading men. Those qualities are less attached to looks, and more to behaviour. Women are also less visual than men. I would say that if for men, looks have a factor of about 80%, than for women, looks are about 20%-30%. Let’s sum up so far – physical looks are less important to women, and are not that important for attraction as to men. However, it doesn’t mean that how you look has no relevance. As I said above, looks have weaker importance for women. I will discuss looks by dividing them into physical looks and style.

Physical Looks and Attraction

I will not lie to you. Women pay attention to physical looks, and it affects their attraction to men. What is included in physical looks?


It’s hard to define what beauty is. According to a research I’ve read, beauty is defined by the symmetry of the face. According to my personal experience and according to dating theories, beauty has no effect on attraction. Let’s say that a beautiful man enters a bar: Women will pay attention to him. They will probably like how he looks. But they won’t be attracted to him. If you see a beautiful women, you will be attracted to her. If a woman see a beautiful man, it will be just nice to see. Nothing More!


Muscles are indeed an attraction factor. It has a strong connection with strength and masculinity. Going to the gym a few times a week will make you look more attractive.


Weel, height has something to do with attraction. It is connected both to physical strength, and in addition women see high men as leaders. If you are high, it’s an advantage for you. If you are not – it’s still OK. You can be attractive in other ways. That’s probably one of the only factors that you can’t really change. Maybe except waring heels.


Being overweight has a negative effect on your physical looks, again related to your physical strength. If you are overweight, I suggest losing a few pounds. It’s also healthier.
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Style and Attraction

I promise to write a seperate article about style. However, although physical looks are important to attract women, your style is even more important. The clothes you wear, you shoes, your accessories, your hair style – They are your way to show your personality even before talking to the girl.

Have something unique

I am not going to decide for you which style to adopt. It depends on your personal style and what you want to express. It also depends on the type of women you want to attract. I can only tell you that being typical and average is not so good. If you look like the rest 80% of men, the impression from you will be as a boring, regular man. Women pay much attention to style and details.


Peacocking means using your clothes to drag attention. It can be a hat, or large glasses, or a colorful belt, a tie or boots. Peacocking shows that you are not afraid of attention, and it shows you confident. And of course, women will notice you and will even have an excuse to talk to you.

Clean and Tidy

Make sure that your clothes are clean and tidy. That’s a must

No matter how you look, you can Attract Women

In this post, I talked about looks. However, as I began this post, looks are not that important to women. What attracts women to men is dominance, leadership, unique lifestyle, strength, etc. Women want a masculine man. Showing your masculinity can be done by your looks. But they can be done by many other ways. For example, your behaviour. So no matter how you look, you can attract women. By the way, for women, what I said is not so true. Man give a great importance on how a girl looks. Not Attractive looking women will have much more difficulty to attract a man.

April 19, 2021 at 7:15am
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