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Once renderer for multiple templates

December 3, 2020 at 6:40am

Once renderer for multiple templates

December 3, 2020 at 6:40am
Hi guys, How to use one renderer to create multiple templates? Can't find examples in v2?
Thanks, Laurence

December 3, 2020 at 6:52am
import { TemplateRegistry } from "/decentralized-renderer-react-components"; import { customTemplate1 } from "./coc"; import { customTemplate2 } from "./cbc";
export const registry: TemplateRegistry<any> = { COC: customTemplate1, CBC: customTemplate2 };
I did it but still loading default page: This is the OpenAttestation default renderer You see this template because the certificate issuer misconfigured the template configuration of your document. Please check with the certificate issuer. More information is available in the documentation.
It means that your configuration does not match correctly the certificate that you created/ In your certificate, must be COC or CBC
"$template": { "name": "CBC", "type": "EMBEDDED_RENDERER", "url": "" },
My configuration COC is working
But CBC shows error.
And CBC template can be shown nicely in storybook.
storybook doesnt test the configuration it just load the component
send me a cert to test
COC is working, CBC not....I have compared these two but still can't figure out the reason.
Do you have any suggestions?
send me a cert to test
you can host it anywhere (for instance gist.github and send me the link
yes a wrapped document
This is your deployed app =>
if you search for COC, you will find a reference to it, however there is no reference to CBC. You probably didnt update to your last version
you fixed your problem ?
it is working now after updating netlify
great to hear :)