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🎙Soundbite – A podcast app that helps you find hidden gems through bite-sized…

April 8, 2020 at 11:20am

🎙Soundbite – A podcast app that helps you find hidden gems through bite-sized listens🎙

April 8, 2020 at 11:20am (Edited 4 months ago)
Hey there Spectrum peeps 👋
I’m Justin, one half of a two-person team working on Soundbite, a podcast app to help you find hidden gems through bite-sized listens.
We’re the same team that brought you Nate, a simple no-frills subscription tracker which I had posted about a while ago.
There were a couple of problems that led us to focus on this space:
👉 Lack of a trailer equivalent or preview of the content, making listeners sit through what could be a 30-minute episode that might not exactly fit with what they’re looking for. Only signals to gauge quality are the artwork, titles, and maybe some show notes.
👉 Too many shows get lost in wide blanket categories like politics or culture. The content podcasters produce is so rich and diverse, that it feels like a disservice to have to reduce them to generic categories.
That’s where Soundbite comes in.
As the name might suggest, the best bits (or bites) of a show are at the core of the product. These bites are basically just 30 or 45 second clips of moments that listeners would be able to curate.
Clips aren’t a novel thing. A lot of podcast apps have them built-in.
What we think they fail to do is to actually make those clips work for other listeners, whilst preserving the nuance and the breadth of the content. What do I mean? Well, a single episode can have multiple topics of conversation.
What if you can preview every episode from different shows that talk about that one topic you care about?
Listening to bites, instead of the entire episode could then help you decide whether it’s worthy of taking a spot on your queue or not.
We’ll be releasing a beta version soon and you can sign up to the waiting list in the link below. You can also have a quick look at how the app will work in the video. It shows how you can discover different topics, find new episodes and even create a bite of your own.
I also wrote a little something about how we're building Soundbite
Until then I'd love to answer any questions or get feedback on what you've seen so far. This is a bit of a strange time to be talking about a new product, so here’s hoping you stay safe and continue making or binging great pods.
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