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Building v6 on windows

Building v6 on windows

React Static / General · December 16, 2018 at 3:14pm

I have just started trying react static out and as I was done with my first small project I realized I could not build. It failed on processing CSS.

I started trying to figure out the problem but didn't find a solution so I restarted on a v6 project and was gonna try to redo it there.

But I can still not build. On a new project with the "blank" template I still run into Module not found errors. Seems like react-universal-component is not found.

Have anyone had any success building v6 on windows? I had some "success" on Ubuntu on windows where it at least builds every second time but with some errors (the output is usable at least).

My setup:

Windows 10 Pro

node: 10.14.2

react-static: 6.0.4

yarn: 1.7.0

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