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Prevent auto-shrink when overwriting symbol fields

Hey guys, I manually set a symbol to a fixed width of 200px. Everytime I make changes on a symbol, the symbol shrinks to its original size. Is there any way to prevent this? I dont want to enter 200px after every change. Thanks!

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a way to find workspace documents in the finder or to export them as .sketch?

Is there a way to find workspace documents in the finder or to export them as .sketch files? I'm using Sketch for work and Figma for personal stuff. Now I want to import a sketch file to Figma for prototyping, but it's a workspace document and I can't figure out how. Is this…


Web design and showing all the states!

I am new to UI design, I am creating the wireframes for a new web project. Do I have to create multiple pages showing all the different states and interactions? for example, if the page has different filtering options with many drop-down menus, do I have to duplicate the page…


How to user color variables over cloud libraries?

I am not using sketch cloud and I need to share sketch library with client. My sketch library is a nested library of component files means in my sketch library files i have connected multiple component files as sketch libraries and imported components from those individual…


Animate Web Pages

I know this has been asked a thousand times but I want it to ask it once more. I'm looking for the best way to create animated examples. I don't have experience with code so I just want to show the dev team my vision on how it should scroll, transition between sections, micro…


Question about variable libraries in Sketch 69.

Hoping someone could help us with this. If I had Library A with a blue theme, started a Library B with a yellow theme, is there a way to map my files to the new library, similar to what Style Swapper used to do. The goal for us to to replicate code, and have libraries with the…


Symbols performance issues

Is anyone facing performance issues when dragging symbols or layers inside symbols?


Selecting Layers instead of Groups

Hi all, My Sketch file has just started selecting individual layers within groups rather than the groups itself. SO frustrating. • I have been to Sketch >> Preferences >> Layers >> and the box which references this has been deselected already. …


Symbol has a different color

I have a checkbox symbol in a library and it's using a white icon inside. But, then I have a template file on a cloud and the linked library shows in some cases a black icon and I have no idea how to fix it!


Overriding Smart Layout Alignment

Does anyone have a solve for the following smart layout issue? Basically, I have a button symbol with center aligned smart layout, but when used as pinned to the left, it doesnt resize and then anchor back to the left. I understand why, I'm just wondering if anyone has a trick…