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Desktop App Beta 3 is out

May 31, 2018 at 9:21pm

Desktop App Beta 3 is out

May 31, 2018 at 9:21pm
Thanks everyone for all the feedback yesterday on Beta 2! This bumps us to version 1.0.1. which we think will fix the autoupdater functionality. You may have to delete your old version of the app and re-install this one, and hopefully all future releases will be auto updated for you. We'll learn more as we go along here, so thanks everyone for your patience!
Beta 3 also fixes a few things:
  • Should hopefully fix the menu bar acting up and showing the logo at times, or being the wrong dimensions
  • The app will now persist the window size between sessions as well as has a smaller initial start window size. H/t
  • Hides the prompt to enable desktop push notifications in the app, as this was confusing behavior since Electron supports the push notifications out of the box
  • We've switched to landing new people directly on the login screen when they open the app for the first time
We've got a few more backlogged bugs ya'll have reported, and will be working through those in the next few days to gear up for the first official release. In the meantime, thanks for keeping the feedback and reports coming!

May 31, 2018 at 10:00pm
Hey, I haven't been following this closely. The only things I have read is this page and the github page.
- I imagine this is an edge case but when I connect my github via account settings I am taken to the github login screen. There is no way to cancel or go back without restarting the app.
- Are there any application settings? The first thing I do when I download an app like this is go to manage things like notifications. (The app notifications are usually the main reason I even download the app) If there are I couldn't find them.
^ Still playing around and will continue to do so but these are my first impressions. :)
Trying it! Noticed that when you click on a link (to an external website) it opens it inside of the Spectrum app and then you have no way to get back and you need to close the app and re-launch. Should open external links into your default browser instead of inside the app itself.
looks nice new app!
and i prefer about feeling of remove glaybar from navbar😀
i just send PR about navbar, could you please any feedbacks if you would mind👩‍💻😆
Thanks everyone! I've just opened two pull requests to address some of this feedback: => all links will open in your default browser
1 => additionally adds escape hatch shortcut keys to return to home, go forward, or go back - I know this still isn't perfect, but will at least mean people don't have to quit/restart the app if they get stuck during an auth flow (the only time we will direct to a 3rd party website without a target="_blank"
- left a note in that PR :)
- we don't have application settings yet, but notification settings are on our list - we have an open PR to provide customizations for push notification delivery, although those settings will end up inside your user settings view
So... tried logging in with Twitter to start out and it sorta got stuck in a weird state when I entered the wrong password. Was able to close/open it to get it up and running, though!
Also... this is slick!
Yeah, this is a fairly annoying problem with oauth flows where they break their redirect rules if someone types in the wrong password, or the wrong 2fa code. Very frustrating. I'm putting in a menu item to 'go home' which will let you return back to the starting point without having to quit/re-open, but it's still not ideal :/
sweeet this app is feeling really good

June 1, 2018 at 1:43pm
Yeah seems to be working pretty good for me now! I also ran into that login issue a few days ago. I think the home button should help. The only thing that has thrown me off a few time is the solid dark header bar. It might just be me but it gets lost visually in the background, more so than any other app that I use.
Ran Appcleaner to dust things off, and installing now.
Running all smooth and buttery.
Btw. you can sign it for gatekeeper I believe this is the one that we use
It's a minor annoyance, and I know it's beta. But it would be slick to make it easier for Mac users. Those of us that leave Gatekeeper on anyway.
Nice! Window size, and position is saved! FTW :) gj guys :)

June 2, 2018 at 8:06am
Trying to install and got this
on windows
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