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Visual primitives for the component age. Use the best bits of ES6 and CSS to style your apps without stress!


Versioning plan

August 15, 2017 at 8:31am
The README currently says
NOTE: This is currently in alpha. While unit-tested, it doesn't yet have a lot of real world project exposure, so there'll be some edge cases we haven't covered. Please try it out and submit bug reports!
I think this is not true anymore with the recent work by and and all the bugs that've been fixed.
Let's make 0.3.0 the first "beta" version and announce it as such? I'd love to publish an article on Medium about the recent improvements we've made, does one of you want to kick that off? If you just start writing a draft and send that over to me I can add you to the styled-components publication and we'll make it official.
Also, what do you think about going for a 1.0 after #70?
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August 15, 2017 at 2:59pm
You should definitely make one!
You'll get a bunch of followers from the articles and your work 😊
I know I'm going off a topic a bit here, but any suggestions on cool people to follow on Twitter? ;)
Lots and lots of suggestions haha, let me dig in for a sec
All the people (ignore the project accounts like React_Rocks and GraphQL) on this list are must follows if you're into React:
Obviously and, the two other core maintainers of styled-components
All of these folks too:
That should get you set up pretty solidly
Did you submit the article to the publication?
Nope, getting to it, it's on the list!
Okay submitted, not quite ready for publishing yet but it said that you can submit before publishing
Yep but now I can edit it and stuff :)
Ah ok I see. Thanks for the feedback :). Sounds like a good plan then!
How far out is the semantic comment API Emil? Do you reckon you'll finish that anytime soon?
Well it's mostly depending on us finalizing the API. I've implemented the most meaty part already, and then the biggest part is writing a bit of documentation for it, which is not super huge either
So yeah, I can see what you're thinking, we could wait until we've just got that ready and either do beta then or just jump straight to 1.0
Yeah I mean if it's already implemented might as well wait for that to publish the article and then publish a "it's stable!" one
Rather than split it up in two, I assumed it'd be a month or so away :)
Yeah, I think it's more like a week if we can just finalize the small outstanding questions on the API. I'm also working on other stuff beside this repo of course, but max a week is still a very reasonable estimate
Sounds great, let's wait for that then!
And let's rewrite that post slightly to include that API and make it a 1.0 release!
Yep, sounds good

August 28, 2017 at 12:06pm
Okay what I would like done prior to the 1.0 release (and we're nearly there) is of course that we merge in the huge interpolation tagging PR which should happen any minute now, then I'd love it if someone could test it with invalid interpolation tags in an editor like sublime? I don't know if anyone has the sublime linter or in atom or w/e installed so we can check if it crashes the whole thing that we throw an error?
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