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Orc Name Generator 2021

July 21, 2021 at 11:17am

Orc Name Generator 2021

July 21, 2021 at 11:17am

What are Orcs?

Orcs are humanoid creatures of greyish-green skin, coarse hair, gutting jaws, and prominent lower canine teeth; tusks. They are of a similar size of humans, but much more muscular, making them strong, brutal, and merciless.
Orcs have a wardriven culture, usually living in tribes. They prefer action and simple solutions to philosophy and planning. When the tribes come together, they form terrifying hordes that sweep the lands, destroying everything in their path.
They prefer to raid and plunder, taking what they need. Work is for the weak, and they are known to own slaves, usually a weaker humanoid race. If there’s anything an orc hates the most, it’s an elf. Needless to say, no orc ever took an elven prisoner.

What is Orc Name Generator?

Orcs, which often appear in games, have different roles in different literary works. In some games and novels, they exist as a kind of monster, huge body, barbarism is their characteristic, in other literary works. They may be a culture, a kind race.
The Orc name generator generates 21 orc names each time, including the name and gender. If you want a new name, click the refresh button. Click on the name text and the name will be automatically selected. It is convenient for you to copy and save.

Orc Last Names

Orcs don’t have families or a family name. However, they often get names akin to the last name that ties to something they did, achieved, or something they are alike.

Female Orc Names

All tribe children call every female orc a mother; if they are ever considered as such. They take care of the tribe’s needs, staying behind, and protecting the weak.

Male Orc Names

All male orcs love to fight and do so often. A prolonged time of peace unsettles them, to say the least. Dying in battle is a great honor and something most prefer.

Badass Orc Names

There are many orcs, but then there are those who rise the ranks, carving their own path to glory. They are chieftains, shamans, veterans of war, and great warriors alike.

D&D Half-Orc Name Generator

Half-orcs are, on average, a bit taller and heavier than humans. Most still have prominent jaws and tusks for canine teeth, albeit smaller than the pure orcs. They are looked upon as bestial humans, while orcs call them “just another pink-skin”.
They are known to possess both orcish strength and human intelligence. However, they are also often shunned by society, human and orcish. Those who stand out, found a way to be accepted, most likely using one of the mentioned characteristics.
Many live as outcasts, learning to adapt to the world as it is. They can be a perfect match for wild unexpected life, full of adventures. Some also choose the calling of a mercenary, satisfying both wanderlust and bloodlust.

Half-Orc Last Names

Half-orcs can have human or orc surnames, but some prefer to make a name of themselves, both literally and figuratively.
  • Caltred
  • Frozenflaw
  • Unforgiving
  • Ironhelm
  • Strongwind
  • Starstrike
  • Sharkstalker
  • Wisehorn
  • Fastsail
  • Firelick
  • Sunaxe
  • Wintersting
  • Hellgrip
  • Shadowstep
  • Wolfmaw

Female Half-Orc Names

Female half-orcs go through the same hardships as males. They are on average shorter and thinner but can be just as dangerous, if not more.
  • Alizar Firekiss
  • Gajazara Bimol
  • Shogu Wintersun
  • Gryida Sosomul
  • Umozura Fallensong
  • Ekenir Rainbrew
  • Kirazi Khehlir
  • Miroz Glurosk

Male Half-Orc Names

Bloodlust flows through them, often fueled by the endured injustice. They can be unpredictable as humans, and as merciless and savage as the orcs.
  • Durudark Gilmoga
  • Ukamarsh Havenforest
  • Zezur Glan
  • Galark Wisehorn
  • Crubash Sosomul
  • Horezall Havenrun
  • Sarorim Wintersting
  • Galamash Metsk

Badass Half-Orc Names

Some half-orcs truly make it in the world, achieving wealth, power, glory, and fame. Breaking the law and acting against the ruler, and doing so successfully, is often too much to resist

D&D Orc Name Generator

Orc are sturdy humanoids, 4’5” tall, weighing around 180 pounds. Males being slightly taller and wider, their skin can have various different colors. One thing that doesn’t change is their love for beards.
They are tradition-oriented, law-abiding, and highly-organized, showing great love for craftsmanship. They are wary and careful, taking their time in liking someone, let alone becoming their friend. Once a friend, though, only betrayal truly ends it.
They live in clans and their elders are highly respected. They often live in a hereditary society, led by a King. Their militaristic nature makes for great fighters, and quite the experts in mining, masonry, blacksmithing, and jewel crafting.

Orc Last Names

Orc often use their family names to go along with their first. It shows confidence, loyalty, stature, and can often open doors pure force cannot.
  • Axebreaker
  • Copperpot
  • Mithril-born
  • Silverbeard
  • Bluemountain
  • Craghaven
  • Ironhelm
  • Craghold
  • Crannog

Female Orc Names

Female Orc have plenty of facial hair, though many keep shaving it off, and even the strongest male warriors don’t have the last say when it comes to their homes.
  • Galiggs Wyvernmail
  • Torthiel Whitfinger
  • Kardryn Bonebelly
  • Brilra Wue
  • Arnora Strongsunder
  • Brynnia Wildspell

Male Dwarf Names

Male dwarves are often gruff, suspicious, loyal, stubborn, and strong. They are coordinated and always make for one highly-disciplined army.
  • Hjaldohr Mudguard
  • Gerdur Onyxpike
  • Germund Shadowmane
  • Eridmot Minecoat
  • Tydar Ti
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