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SpecFM / Orthogonal

101: Buying Back Time (feat. Ryan McRae)

101: Buying Back Time (feat. Ryan McRae)

SpecFM/Orthogonal · July 12, 2018 at 3:28pm

101: Buying Back Time (feat. Ryan McRae)

SpecFM / Orthogonal · July 12, 2018 at 3:28pm
Today, Brett is joined by the infamous Ryan McRae, the ADHD Nerd. Andrew is someplace. Ryan looked up Orthogonal! A great conversation ensues about how Brett and Ryan got started in online sales, their experiences and the weird feeling of people buying your stuff.

Things Discussed:

* Just sell the muffin.
* Some people still don't understand that you can make money on the internet
* Building a list is always a slow slog
* Balancing all the parts of an online business often resembles WORK
* "Get up and Hustle" sounds easy, but building routines in the real world is hard
* Buying back time is viable at almost any income level
* Make sure that you use the time you create!


  • ADHD Nerd
  • Ryan on Twitter
  • Fizzle Podcast

Quote of the Day

"Thanks Brett, I'm looking it up!"
'Triple the time!"

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