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Deploying with ledger Nano S

June 7, 2021 at 2:05pm

Deploying with ledger Nano S

June 7, 2021 at 2:05pm (Edited 12 months ago)
Hey all, I'm trying to deploy some contract to some network without ever putting a mnemonic or private key on my machine. The ledger Nano S should be perfect for that. There's some npm modules available (truffle-ledger-provider & truffle-ledger-wallet-provider) but they don't seem to get the job done. The truffle-ledger-provider gets pretty far but somehow it derives a different address from my Ledger than the rest of the world does using the path 44/60/0/0 and thus it thinks there aren't any funds. Truffle-ledger-wallet-provider is 3 years old and doesn't even install at my machine.
Is there a best practice for doing live network deployment? Can we go through MetaMask maybe? I've seen posts where people extract the mnemonic or private key from MetaMask, but like I said I'd prefer a method where account sensitive data never actually goes into the memory or disk of my machine.
Any suggestions? Cheers!
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