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Just a couple of designers trying to learn and grow in the industry. Join us as we talk about our work, trends, tools + much more! Hosted by Alex Tran, Joey Banks and Victor Kernes

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S02E05: Playing Catchup—Victor's Back!

S02E05: Playing Catchup—Victor's Back!

Up + Coming / General · September 11, 2018 at 2:38am
Remember how last episode we chatted about taking time off from work? Well Victor took off for 99% of August (not really) and now he's back! That might explain why we haven't had an episode in a couple weeks...
Anyway, in this episode we deviate away from the usual design chatter and just take some time to play catch up with our lives. We get to hear all about Victor's trip, as well as a few other goodies.

Follow Up

If you haven't already heard towards the end of this episode, we're starting to play around with the idea of a episode schedule that doesn't entirely revolve around design 100% of the time. Sure a lot of our conversation will still involve design in the broader sense, but we don't want to feel too pressured with releasing content for the sake of releasing content.
Still, thanks for listening and we really do appreciate any feedback!

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