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Request: Copy and paste from one project to another

May 3, 2019 at 8:53am

Request: Copy and paste from one project to another

May 3, 2019 at 8:53am

I'd like to know if it's possible to implement a feature where you can copy an object from a vectary browser window, and paste it into another vectary browser window, so in other words to import objects into various projects easily.

The main reason for this: You can use already existing objects and materials as a base to generate new types - such as architectural element and props, trees, lamp posts.

Some people may suggest to use the export and import function (which I have been)- but that process has its quirks: -some shapes go wonky

  • doesn't bring across materials
  • changes the scale of objects
  • requires you to delete off all the other objects you don't wish to import.

Ways to implement: If simply copying and pasting is not possible( I believe this is the case as even google docs can't do it properly), then to have a vectary clipboard where you copy objects to, or a vectary format that we can export and import, could solve it :)



May 3, 2019 at 11:40am

Hey Trevor, that is a nice suggestion. And you're right - implementing copy-pasting between two windows is a bit problematic, that's why it's not there yet. But there is a good chance it will be possible in the future.

Until then, you should be able to do what you need with exports. As for the quirks: 1) could you please provide an example of shapes going "wonky", so it can be fixed? You can do that in private message if you want. 2) use .gltf (or .glb), then you shouldn't have any problems with materials 3) could you provide an example for this as well? I just tried exporting a scene to all the formats and there wasn't any change in scale in any of them 4) hide instead of remove - hidden objects aren't exported.

Tip: gltf (glb) is the go-to format when exporting materials, cameras and even some of the lights. But I would go with .obj if you want to further edit your geometry (gltf only stores triangles).

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