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I’ve read everything in the chat and I am very, impressed and extremely…

June 15, 2019 at 3:14pm

I’ve read everything in the chat and I am very, impressed and extremely grateful for such a great customer service that really cares about their customers. It used to be a great business policy that businesses customers are #1. That has changed thru the years where it’s hard to find customer service people who are kind and really, really try their hardest to help their customers. Who really not just listen but “hear” what the customers are saying. I’ve just found your app today and I looked at different location exercises and different intensities. But I am confused and wish there was a tutorial. When I chose in bed for location and any of the intensities, I kept pressing the next arrow to see all the exercises. 1) Why are their the same exercises with different names? 2) Are those names not the names of the exercises but maybe the names of a routine with certain exercises? A) If it is the name of a routine, how do you see what exercises are in which routine to choose a routine? 3) Is there a way of choosing certain exercises for your personal in bed routine? 4) I have an injured left wrist and left knee. So some of the exercises I can’t do. I wish you had a way to maybe put in the body parts that either you want to exercise or put in your injured body parts so that you only get exercises that don’t involve them.

June 15, 2019 at 3:14pm
A) I’m not sure how to do this though because my left knee I can do some exercises but my my left wrist I really can’t do any of the exercises that involve my left wrist. Maybe a using a scale of 1-10 to show how much exercise you can do with your injury .
5) In this chat area, I don’t know why it’s making me use a large font and everything is in bold. The large font I think is not allowing me to see everything that I am writing.. Now all of a sudden without me doing anything the font just for this 4)-a) is much smaller.

June 15, 2019 at 3:37pm
I wrote another continuation to this post but when I press “Publish” it won’t publish. Also why am I not able to see what I am typing here. I am on my ipad. Oh, that reminds me to ask if you could make your app iPad friendly. I probably will be using my ipad whwhen using your app and it doesn’t allow landscape view.
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Hi Pat ! So so happy to hear that you're happy with our customer service! This is an app to literally help people, we'd be crazy not to connect with those who are getting the benefit off our service.
To answer your questions: 1) Yes, you're browsing through the various routines. However, we've literally just sent an update for review that will make the browsing experience much clearer. Some routines share exercises, so you might see the same exercise in some of the routines.
2) Correct, you're looking at the titles of the routines. You can tell that you're looking at a routine rather than a single exercise because a) it has a description and b) you're have the short or long routine selection. This will be much much clearer with the new update.
A) The update will have a complete preview of all exercises inside a routine. Great timing! Phew!
3) At the moment you can't design your own routines, unfortunately. We're do have this functionality in mind, but at the moment, you either select each individual exercise one by one (by selecting the "short" type), or you select a pre-designed routine.
4) I love this suggestions. We will strongly consider this in the near future. Making this a good app for everyone is a priority!
4A) that's an interesting idea. Perhaps a skip button so you just skip over the exercises that you can't do?
5) So sorry, I think you wrote the entire post in the title. It's ok though, I can read it clearly.
6) And actually, Wakeout is custom fitted for the iPad! Check it out! If you have any suggestions to improve the ipad design, I'd be happy to hear them.
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I had written another post right after the 1st post because I wasn’t able to finish my 1st post. But when I wanted to post the message it wouldn’t work. I kept pressing the “post” tab but nothing happened. So I found that post and copied it. I’ll paste it below. Also, when you say the Wakeout app is custom fitted for the ipad I’m confused because it won’t let me view it in landscape.
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Ooops, I didn’t know that I’m in a different place than when I posted the first post. Now if I hit my enter key, the message is sent instead of going to the next line. Hmmmm! I’m confused. How do I get to the next line? I guess I’ll have to do the paste of the 2nd part of my post here instead of going to a new line. Here it is, “I wasn’t able to finish my last post. I never could see everything that I was writing. But in writing this post I think what happens here is the the first line you type is maybe supposed to be a title or something because as you can see that is very large. But when I went down a couple of lines my text is at the right smaller non-bolded text.
6) In regards to injuries I just thought of something that y’all might be able to include down the road. I have been looking for an app that I could find exercises that I do in physical therapy for my injured wrist. It would be great if somehow you could also have certain stretches and exercises to help with injured parts of the body. Of course you would have to have some statement saying that the customer should first check with their dr or physical therapist as to if you should do these exercises. But I think that sometimes we injure or maybe just a weak in a certain body part that we need to strengthen or stretch or just move in certain ways to get it started in the journey back to being normal. A) In this same idea, I’ve also been looking for exercises I can do for the rest of my body. It’s hard to know what exercises I can do to strengthen my right leg and arm and my core, stomach, low back, love handles, without harming my injured left wrist and left knee. 7) Please add balance exercises.
Gosh, I can see so many great things for this app to be super awesome. I’m thinking that y’all are the right people to incorporate all of these ideas because of your great customer servie=ce. Y’all could help so many people in so many different generations and abilities and problem areas. This app I think is already very good for all people but the possibilities are awesome. I’m also having a problem with subscribing to the newsletter. I received a Welcome to Wakeout. But there isn’t a “Confirm” button. I clicked somewhere in the email to get me to to sign up there. I thought maybe that was confirming my being on Wakeout because you get my messages. BUt when I go to the newsletter part it says I have to click on confirm in my email y’all sent me. I clicked to have y’all send me the email again and this time I didn’t get an email at all. I checked my spam folder and it wasn’t there. I would like to get the newsletter but I can’t seem to be able to get the correct email in order for me to click on “Confirm” in order to get it. Sorry this is so long.
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Hehe, yea, this platform isn't entirely intuitive and it has a lot of bugs. However I feel it's better than others to do quick customer service, so glad we're figuring it out together! 😖
6) I love this idea, but agree that this could be delicate waters to navigate. The fact that we wouldn't know the severity or nature of an injury might make it risky for us to generalize with exercises for therapy. But will explore this with experts and see if there's something we could offer.
Additionally, have you tried our feet exercises? Go to Living room, and select "relaxing" as your type. Also you should check out the hand and wrist exercises we have available under the Work, relaxing category (subscription required, though). You can try them with a little caution, and then let me know how they feel.
6A) There are a lot of exercise that target just your core, arms and shoulders without necessarily engaging your wrists and knee. I'd be happy to point you in the right direction if you'd like.
7) Balance exercises! What a great idea!! 🙏
Oh wow, thank you so much for the kind words. That's exactly what we're going for, and just like you, we're filled with exciting ideas that we think will help so many people. However, being a small team, we're doing our best to ship each new feature and exercise pack one by one. Please let us know what other ideas you get.
Thank you so much for being a part of our journey Pat!
Also Pat, you can sign up to the newsletter here: Wakeout Newsletter
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