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A benevolent place where you can share progress on what you're creating. Get constructive feedback, help, or πŸ’“ on your side projects. Inspired by Austin Kleon's book: "Show Your Work". πŸš€


Introducing Milkdown

Hi there, I've created a WYSIWYG markdown editor framework. Milkdown is a plugin-driven WYSIWYG markdown Editor, inspired by Typora, built on top of prosemirror and remark. Link:


Programming Assignment

I have shared this link with others in order to continue posting such information in order to provide the best in class online informational blogs, articles, and posts. Our company is a one-stop destination for all students who are looking for expert help in their Homework &…


My first PWA -- Orthodox Christian App

Howdy! I've released a beta of my first PWA: (it's in Russian so won't make much sense to most of you...). But it's open source, so maybe some of you would be able to borrow some ideas from it:


MVP: Random UI Prompter

Last night I had an idea to build a tool that provides a random project prompt for designers and developers looking for exercises to help build their skills. This morning, I hopped on CodePen to rough out what it could look like. Here it is: (The frame is showing up short for…


Go out this summer app

Hey everybody ! I just launched my app to the store πŸ˜› Social network for organize any events with other people : Β° Party πŸŽ‰ …

0 – Your digital planner diary

We're working on A Planner. It's a digital planner diary that helps you plan/write meaningful tasks daily. It's designed like a paper diary and works like you're writing on papers of a planner diary. Public Beta is available. You can sign up to try it. – …


Relief Maps : GPS app for outdoor sports

Β  Relief Maps is a GPS app for outdoor sports. I started this project because I was not satisfied with existing apps of this kind, so I decided to make one that I would like to use ;) It started as a side project, but it’s been a few month now since I decided to reduce my…


Generating Flutter code in Figma. Try it with UIcode plugin

Dear Figma masterminds, So happy to share with you the big news. Finally, we have joined the official Figma Community with our new plugin. I am honored to invite you to be our first users. 🀩 UIcode is here to let you generate clean Flutter code of your design right inside…


BAC Estimator Web App

I have this interesting client that wanted a Blood Alcohol Content Estimator app - where you input drinks and info about yourself and get what your current BAC is so you know not to drive. The cool part is that I got to do this project from the very first phases until the final…


Stylelist – Figma plugin that helps you quickly create text and color styles

Hi everyone! Recently we've launched first version of our Figma plugin – Stylelist. Stylelist helps designers create text and color styles quickly and easily! Now we're currently working on color styles creation. I would really appreciate your feedback. …