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Youtube Subscribers

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Youtube Subscribers

July 11, 2020 at 6:39pm

Youtube Subscribers

July 11, 2020 at 6:39pm
During these tough times of COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is a YouTuber. Everyone posts one video or another to stay relevant, get famous, or simply earn money. Statistically, YouTube ( gets tons of viewers every day and this collective watch about five billion videos per day. Added to this, the YouTubers tend to upload about 300 hours of video every single minute.
In this scenario, knowing about YouTube subscribers ( is a mandatory prerequisite to understanding the basics of running a YouTube channel because starting a YouTube channel is not the beginning, gaining subscribers is. If so let's rummage through the term YouTube subscribers.
A YouTube subscriber ( is a person, who has chosen to follow a channel created by a YouTuber because they appreciate the content. And subscribing to a YouTube channel helps them to stay updated about the YouTuber's latest videos. These people can simply like your content for the quality or relevance of it. Or they can be a fan who watches your videos, give you comment and share them too. Subscribing ( a channel helps the viewer to get the video in their feeds providing better chances for a video to be watched, which in turn increases the views.
The next question is, are views important or subscribers ( Well, both. According to the eligibility requirements, on the YouTube Partner Program, to monetize a channel, the YouTuber needs at least a 1k or more subscribers. At the same time, at least 4k watch hours in the last 12 months are also needed. Also an active Google AdSense account.
Now, feeds are not the only place where the subscribed videos show up. It also shows up in the subscription box of the YouTube subscriber, giving more chances for the video to be watched. These subscribers ( can even receive notifications each time a new video is published if they choose to get notified. At the same time, the number of subscribers doesn’t solidify the same number of views. Subscribers ( may sometimes lose interest and follow other channels that are similar to the earlier one, not watching videos from a channel after 2-3 months of subscription. This makes the subscriber count hardly an accurate way to predict the views.
Next, the thing that everyone knows- YouTube play buttons. Once the person reaches 100,000 subscribers (, the YouTuber will get a Silver play button, Gold for 1,000,000 subscribers, Diamond for10,000,000 subscribers, and Custom Play Button for having 50 million subscribers.
YouTube also tends to remove all the suspended accounts, across YouTube channels to stay accurate for the advertisers. YouTube ( also allows YouTubers to pay to have their videos show up in the search, which can help score more subscribers. Even then, it is normal for the number of subscribers to vary, either because the subscribers have unsubscribed or because YouTube had done the cleanup removing the spam subscribers.
BuyYoutubeSubscribers ( is when a YouTuber subscribes to another YouTuber ( in hopes of increasing his/her subscribers. But this could easily backfire because it violates YouTube's Community Guidelines and can cause a YouTube Community Guidelines strike which can eventually lead to the termination of the channel. This is why it is almost always better to get subscribers for real instead of looking for shortcuts.
Also, From a YouTuber's perspective, the count of the real-time subscribers ( varies with the count seen in analytics. That is because YouTube updates data on the YouTuber's analytical dashboard every 48 hours and not in real-time.
Despite all, the number of YouTube subscribers ( a YouTuber has is a very big deal. It is a matter of prestige in the platform, a way to garner more attention and an opportunity to be an influencer. It also shows how successful the YouTuber is and how interesting their content is. In this age of entertainment explosion, this helps the viewers as well to customize their interests and viewing habits.
The subscriber count for YouTube( is not just a vanity metric. More the number of YouTube subscribers, the more the organic reach of the content. It is most definitely beneficial to anyone, to have a high organic reach on the website with more than one billion active viewers. Say, a 1/7th of the world population.

July 18, 2021 at 5:05pm
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