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clarify future support of docker on now platform

November 8, 2018 at 6:21pm
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clarify future support of docker on now platform

November 8, 2018 at 6:21pm
It seems zeit is moving away from allowing customers to utilize Docker as a common 'primitive'; would you kindly clarify this?
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November 9, 2018 at 7:41pm
It's really not a bad tradeoff to make, all things considered.
I meant it when I wrote in the blog post that my main priority is to address all the customer workloads perfectly.
I also wouldn't be calling this 2.0 if we had to reject entire classes of interesting applications.
Also, everyone is free and welcome to email me directly at [email protected]
And I'm happy to jump on a call with any teams that need further reassurance.
I am sorry. I must be missing something. What does this mean exactly? "00% confident that this is the right direction for the platform"? Does this mean you do not believe that docker is a good tool for production deployments? The only alternative interpretation I can make, is that the Zeit Now platform has many more non-docker than docker deployments, and then, it makes sense from Now's perspective, but it also means a "hard goodbye" to anyone seeking docker builds.
what is your approach to "address all the customer workloads perfectly"? Is there a place we can submit use-cases that don't have an apparent fit for 2.0?
we are aware of several of them, please let me know if I forgot any:
- GraphQL servers like Apollo Server
- WebSocket subscriptions
- Control loops (e.g.: tailing a cursor from a database)
- Cron jobs
All of these will be addressed, and others as well!
Can we still create an entire application on now 1.0 and choose a 1.0 plan? I definitely can't use 2.0 in it's current state.
I think , the now.json should accept all versions. It will make all of us happy !
What about elasticsearch?
that was never possible to host to begin with, we only ever supported non-durable workloads
But we definitely want to make it super easy to connect and set up elasticsearch clusters
That's a big use-case we are looking into.
Docker is a great implementation detail
That's awesome
Any example for it ? It looks awesome. Imagine it will allow us to incrementally refactor big monothlic to lambdas.
In fact, right now builders can choose from a whitelist of runtimes, but in the future there will be more and more flexibility there
What about subscribing to 1.0?
Just version: 1 will work! We mention this in the upgrade guide. That's also why all existing users have to actually go out of their way by specifying version: 2 to upgrade. We didn't want to hurt any existing use-cases.
What i mean is, using two versions in the same file.
new subscriptions will also work with version: 1 in now.json until full compatibility is achieved.
that's not possible currently, but you could use the path alias feature!
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