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clarify future support of docker on now platform

November 8, 2018 at 6:21pm
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clarify future support of docker on now platform

November 8, 2018 at 6:21pm
It seems zeit is moving away from allowing customers to utilize Docker as a common 'primitive'; would you kindly clarify this?
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November 9, 2018 at 8:25pm
(And the routes config is standard PCRE for src matching)
the old instances will be measured as on-demand of now v1, the new deployments as on-demand of v2
Can you please write the prices for on-demand v1 here? I can't seem to find them on since Now v2 has been announced
that’s a fair point, and answers my question. thx
So if until now I was paying $15/month for 4 instances (2 services deployed in sfo1 and bru1), on unlimited am I going to pay $0.025 * 24h * 30d * 4 instances = $72 ?
The difference between Docker and Now is, however, that Docker can be deployed everywhere, also on premise.
the main premise of of serverless is that request-response invocations very rarely run 24x7 :)
you literally only pay for what you truly use
vs having dead space allocated in a server
the same will be 100% possible for Now 2.0, and that's why we're not locking you in and make you change your code
And you'll actually have a greater variety of deployment targets
For example, let's say you go to a company that really strongly prefers using Google Cloud. You'll be able to tell us that you want your deployments to be in affinity to a particular Google Cloud region or account.
Or, let's say you want to go legacy mode and run it in servers that run 24 x 7 that you have to actively monitor and observe and get paged for.
I understand, and I would love to take advantage of Lambda. But I'm in this ugly situation where I can't easily convert my services to lambda. So the pricing has gone over the roof in my case. Can I at least downgrade to Premium until I find a way to convert my services?
We'll give you the wrappers to containerize the app as well (similar to now dev)
But that's when you start to realize that the whole enterprise of running things on premise will make little sense.
So deploying a Python Flask app with multiple endpoints will be possible without Now-specific changes?
Between the option of being paged at 3am to restart a server
Or things running quickly on-demand and paying no maintenance costs
The equation becomes quite simple.
that's what we are working on right now
In fact, we are doing that because we want to welcome more devs to our platform
But anyone today could be writing a flask wrapper
How would I go about deploying a "traditional" express server with non filesystem-based endpoints?
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