Build better communities

Spectrum makes it easy to create and grow your online community.


Discoverable by default

People shouldn't have to hunt down an email invite or search through a help center to find your community.

When it's built on Spectrum, people can find your community organically with search, curation, and through other community members.


Find a community for you!

Try searching for topics like "crypto" or for products like "React"!

conversation screenshot

Real-time messaging with long-term value

Conversations on Spectrum are real-time chat, just like your favorite messaging app. But on Spectrum, conversations continue to provide value to more and more people over time.

Every conversation gets a unique link to make it easy for people to discover, share, or save for later.


Spectrum saves you time and money

Supercharge support

Stop wasting time with endless private customer support threads answering the same question over and over.

Now your team can have conversations with your community as a whole and chat privately when a particular issue is sensitive.

Bring people together

Spectrum gives your top supporters and advocates a place to share their knowledge, empower others, and foster a place of belonging for everyone.

Tighten your feedback loop

There's no better feedback than the insights that come directly from your customers.

Think of Spectrum as a new direct line to discovering what your audience wants the most.


All your communities in one place

Before Spectrum, participating in online communities meant joining multiple platforms, remembering different logins, and managing endless notifications.

On Spectrum you only have one account, and the conversations that matter come to you in one simple feed — no matter which community they're in.